Goodbye Good Morning Magnolia: Fun Flower Resources

    How's Life Friends?

   We're saying goodbye to Good Morning Magnolia this month as the 2020-21 Annual Catalog expires. Some things will be carried over [I'm actually quite excited with the selections which are!] and there will be brand new lovelies to fill the ranks on the pages!

   I'm always impressed by the quality of Stampin' Up!® products. Even with all the continuing interruptions in manufacturing and shipping the company fares quite well in the papercrafting world. I've been immersed in this community for thirty years now and been part of how it's grown and changed. 

   Coming back to Stampin' Up!® was a great decision and I'm building my team for now and the future. [More exciting news about that tomorrow!]

   One of the products I haven't given enough attention to is the Water Painters. I've used many different brands over the years but these are the best I've come across. They come in a package of three with different tips for only $12, but I've only used the smallest so far. I actually thought it wouldn't be fine enough and I'd have to switch to my tiny, trusty watercolor brush from the pencil/tool can on my desk. Not only did I not reach for that, I was delighted with the Water Painter's ability to trace every delicate edge just as I guided it! I am very particular about my tools and these pass with flying colors! Can't wait to use them more, and I'll be happy to share how. 

   Parting is such sweet sorrow, but I'll be keeping this in my Make Do stash since magnolias are favorites for so many people I know;)

   Here's a couple of fun links for flower information and inspiration:

   Be Well Friends!


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