Wonderful World Wednesday: Windows, Florida, and The Architecture of Place

   How's Life Friends?

   The focus of today's Wonderful World Wednesday is architecture. Since I've been working with windows lately in designing my Mother's Day cards, I went looking for more information on the history of windows themselves which were first used by the Egyptians. 

   In the search I came across some wonderful resources for learning more about building, architecture, and classicism. This lecture is from a whole series on the The Architecture of Place: Florida, Atlanta, and Al Ain. It's fascinating learning about the design history of these places, how design weaves and shelters life, and why architects design the way they do. It has lots of great info on what goes into projects and why/what has to be considered. The Q and A at the end is enlightening as well.

   I always find it amazing that in thinking about designing something so small like this scene for behind my window...ends up reflecting our huge wonderful world!

   Hope you enjoy learning something new today--and every day--and I'd love to see how you put your own stamp on this window idea! I have at least one more window I'll be working on.

   Tomorrow will highlight Good Morning Magnolia for my southern mom's cards and some information on Magnolias and Washington D.C. 

   Be Well Friends!

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