Crowning Monday

   It's not like Kate's but one of those other little things that helped me postpone "Just Starting...."  It all began as I was eating my morning cereal...something crunched that was definitely not just a flax seed.  Upon investigation [I'll spare you the details] I discovered that the corner of my tooth had joined the ranks of rolled oats in the granola.  As a mom I have been prepared for 16 years to place any dislodged teeth in milk for rush delivery to the nearest DDS.  As the patient I thought--much longer than was probably logical or rational; and as an amateur expert in adhesives--that I should be able to save the lonely corner and reattach it...They're doing a lot with krazy glue these days, aren't they?  My dentist was interested in the piece, but confirmed my suspicion that interest was where it must end...ah well, it was worth a shot, right?  I mean that Diamond Glaze is wicked strong stuff...
   Well, to make a five-month story shorter...I visit the dentist today for the final crowning!  I have to say, it's actually been an interesting journey.  I've met some really neat people on the way and I'm always fascinated to ask why/how they do what they do.  Root canals shouldn't have such a bad rep.
   In the meantime, I'm starting work on an ATC exchange through the Hero Arts Flickr group, and I'm sharing a favorite--and frugal--crafting tip.  I've heard others talk about it, but I love pictures, so I took one of my dummy sheets.  Little pieces of scratch paper cut to ATC size--2.5" x 3.5" I can try stamping for composition before committing to cardstock!  A little trick from the publishing industry and a reminder of the days when my parents started a small advertising newspaper.
   I work out designs and create samples I file in a recipe box--instant inspiration, and I keep my masks with them as well.   
   So--how do you work out your designs and 'just start?'