Just Start

I’m not surprised really.  It’s been the story of beginning this blog for over a year now.  [I am a Rabbit, and we like to think things through thoroughly; plan for contingencies; arrange escape routes; have multiple options; then execute a detailed plan--ready for anything.]  Things happened which kept me from committing.  Moving across the country for instance.  

Deciding to transition from active duty military service “to settle down” we’ve zigzagged 5 times in the last 6 years—Japan-Maine-New Mexico-Washington-Texas-Massachusetts.  Oh—and we’re moving again in a month over the border to New Hampshire—ourselves. I’ve been spoiled the past twenty years having someone else do the heavy lifting.  I’ve moved 33 times in my almost 50 years and “An Adventure in Moving” has a special connotation.  Now I can share with my kids--in real time.  It will be fun…I can move my stamping supplies without glitter sifting everywhere no matter how I pack it…I think.  

While deciding to commit, I’ve kept busy creating for sanity and fun.  You might have seen something in my Flickr gallery, challenge blog or perhaps on a paper crafting website like Hero Arts.  I love making cards which is primarily what I’ll be sharing here.  There’ll probably be some glimpses into how I stamp life too.

I believe we each bring something unique to the party and I’ve enjoyed interacting with people I've met along the way.  I love to generate ideas, and lament there’s not enough time to get to all of them.  You’re welcome to share and build on them—collaboration is the soul of life—come back and contribute.  I’d enjoy the chance to get to know you.

Gee--now that I’ve started, there’s so much more to say…which is why—I’m almost positive—that Blogger has gone almost completely down on the day I planned to… just start.  


  1. This is a wonderful start, Deb! You are a great writer, I can tell I'm going to enjoy your blog. And WOW - 33 moves in your life. I am barely surviving the lead-up to my upcoming move, I don't know how you military families handle it so often. :-) Yay - thanks for sending me your link, I became a follower!


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