Taking the Plunge!

   Aaaah!  Summer and time for taking a plunge!  My kids tried out the pool at the new house a couple of days ago!  They worked really hard to help get it ready for the first time, and now all it needs is a little clarifier to make the water clear, and we'll have a waiting oasis for the end of our work days!
   Yesterday, we moved 3,000+ pounds of hickory flooring from the local Lowe's to the house.  Made it just in the nick of time before the rains started coming down.  Now, we wait for it to acclimate while we finish our floor demo and reconditioning/repair.  Have the upstairs all painted with primer, and have color ready to go for the kids' rooms.  They're so excited, and that's on my agenda for tomorrow, along with the ceiling in the school room that had a water leak sometime in the past.  It's so much easier to do things without furniture in the way!  
   Picked new carpet to be installed...tough job making so many design choices with a limited budget.  Although to be honest, I think I'd have just as much trouble with an unlimited budget.  We like too many things, and it's a difficult task to narrow things down.  I sometimes have this trouble with card design choices as well--how about you?
   We're in it now...water up to our chins...treading and making our way through all the tasks we've set out for ourselves!


  1. Looks like FUN!! Thanks for sharing the pool photo and good luck on the renovation! Happy summer, Deb!


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