Gettin' There!

  We've been a little busy around our place lately as you can tell from this candid!  This is the room where the boxes of hickory have been piled since last month, and it's finally all out and down on the floor!  Our four rescue dogs have been so good through all the commotion of moving, having a new place, and dealing with all the sounds of renovation!  This is my awesome husband and his working buddy, Odin putting in the last of the boards.  Now all we have to do is reroute/add plumbing in the kitchen, assemble/install the cabinets, hook up the new range--can't wait for our new Castle cooker--and finish painting and reinstall trim work.  A few more hours and we'll be there!
   In the meantime, there's the usual out of state moving details of deregistering the vehicles, and registering them here, getting new drivers' licenses, getting re-established with everything again...seems like only last year we were doing this.  Me--I'm wicked excited to have vanity Veteran's plates!
    I can't wait to get the stamping things unpacked and organized into the studio/school room!  A few other priorities for the near future, but I'll be creating again soon.  We look forward to getting settled and beginning a new homeschool year!