A Small World After All

   Last week we took a homeschool field trip in honor of my daughter's love for Central Asian history and culture.  Someday I think she'd love to be a history professor...probably in Mongolia.  We were introduced to a wonderful man who has made his career's work teaching, studying and documenting the music of several groups of people living in Central Asia--an Ethnomusicologist.  If you feel like an exotic trip for a few minutes go to the Smithsonian Folkways site which showcases this body of work.  Watch the videos in the sidebar, and I guarantee you will be transported!  The tenth cd in the set will be out this Christmas--I know what's on my daughter's list already! 
   We enjoyed a unique afternoon soaking in the experiences and insights from an educator who clearly is passionate about life.  Thank you again Professor for inviting us into your world!


  1. Love how the field trip inspired you and your DD! Xie-Xie (in Chinese) for sharing!

  2. LOVE that you enjoyed your trip with your daughter! Super pretty card--LOVE the colors and the different sentiments all saying THANK YOU:)


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