Splash!  at MIT--celebrating their 150th anniversary!  One hears about MIT all over the world...it has a mystique, a colossal reputation--and ideas have been born here that affect events, and people everywhere.  This weekend my kids attended their Splash event for two days on campus which offers classes on everything from crochet to string theory...literally!  It demonstrates the essence of that which is MIT and the community it fosters.  The atmosphere is electric...and infectious, inspiring, motivating, and just about every positive adjective I can think to write.  If you want to be wowed for a while, check out this link to the museum exhibition and browse the objects the curators chose to celebrate!  Here's the fam...walking down a hall of the Infinite Corridor...someday they hope to be full-time students!
   It's been a busy few weeks for us and I've not had as much time to create with paper.  I have been painting the new house, unpacking from the move, coaching two robotics teams, and helping with the kitchen remodel.  I do make a card each week for our piano teacher, and here's one from last week...a nice little Thanksgiving thank you:
[copper embossing, and metallic paper for a layer behind it]


  1. Thanks for the pics about MIT. I didn't get to check it out last time when I was in Boston (made it to only Harvard)! Love your Thanksgiving card, Deb! Very sophisticated! Happy Thanksgiving to you and family!


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