Poles: Fence, Dance, and North...

   Here are the poles for our high-tensile wire fence around "Applevale."  No--as we informed many a curious neighbor--we do not plan to run cattle, nor keep horses; neither do we expect to keep the deer out of the back yard [for that we'd need about a 10-footer I think.]  It's just that 8 feet are the shortest 5-inch poles one can purchase at the Tractor Supply.  Why a high-tensile fence?  A fraction of the number of fence posts, [i.e. every 50 feet instead of every 8] and the 'see through' look.  Now that it's finished, we're really pleased it looks like a pasture instead of a fortress compound around the two acres.  
   Now--the Dance.  [This was forwarded in an email from our Texas 4-H friends and the title in the subject line was rather suspect, "Wyoming Pole Dance."  I know the sender isn't prone to email account hijacking so I went ahead and viewed it.  Totally made my day and it fit right with today's post!

   And finally, the North Pole matters...
   I really had fun making this for the annual Hero Arts Flickr friends Holiday Card Exchange!  This Large Flower Pattern stamp lends itself so well to so many fun ideas.  In this version I embossed with Judi-Kins Egyptian Gold powder [a bright gold with holographic glitter] and the result is spectacular.  I wanted traditional colors, so I embossed another panel with regular silver embossing powder and cut a strip to layer with the sentiment.  I used the remaining red/silver to make a card for the Monthly Hero Arts contest based on one of their sketches:
  Using a pink panel for the sentiment and stamping the background one more time on pink cardstock with red ink, I think it makes a lovely pointsetta holiday parade!  I embellished with some red marker-colored pearls, and it shines in the Christmas tree we finally put up last night!  Let the season begin!
  * for some other ideas with this stamp you might want to see herehere, and here.

p.s.  If you click on the photos...it makes them larger if you want to see detail!


  1. Informative, laughable and beautiful - love your post all the way today, Deb! Those flowers DO look like poinsettias!


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