Exotic Spring

   Have you any stamps that give you more trouble than you thought they might once you got them home and inked?  This cute little set I imagined doing all sorts of things with and yet I always seem to struggle with it just a bit.  
   One of the ideas I have in my "try it" folder is a color combination of tomato red and green.  I thought of this set instantly when I came across the color inspiration and I've finally had some time to put it together!  I've used my lime green/silver tinsel embossing powder and the designs really sparkle for lots of fun!  One of my favorite scrap ideas is to use the strips I've trimmed for panel cards--especially if they have embossing.  The texture and the patterns are so unique and add a special touch to anything.
   These are the last two cards to round out a batch I'm sending to mom-in-law to have on hand!  Just a little three-legged frog day gift!  
   *[oh, and if you're interested in more cards with this set, just search the Hero Arts Flickr group for the tag CL400]  I just thought of another idea for this set:  a bandana set in bright colors for DD...what do you think?  Any other ideas?!  


  1. Even though I'm not one to gravitate toward brights, I like this very much! Thinking about a real tomato, it has green on it and looks perfect, so I think you came up with a very natural color scheme. I also like the sparkliness you added!


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