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   I am cautiously optimistic that it might...actually...finally...be spring here in the northeast U.S.!  Of course, there are still occasional weather forecasts for snow showers, but the bulbs in the yard are undeterred!  I went out last week to pick some daffodils, and floated some magnolia blossoms in a dish [at least it smells like spring!] and the grass--which has barely turned brown since last fall--is greening up.  The apple blossoms here at Apple Vale are imminent and the sky is blue.  Works for me!
   Here is a little sample of our flower harvest...I love the daffodil photo my son took--I think he has a great eye and I am always discovering a new view through him!  

   Too bad there's no 'smell-a-vision' gadget for blogger...the whole house was infused with the smell of...dare I say it even now?   Spring. 


  1. Wow, I sure feel Spring is in the air after visiting your blog, Deb! Love the monochromatic card. You can NEVER have too much green, that's for sure! Love your photos, too! ( I can almost smell the fragrance from the blooms!!)Enjoy the fair weather!

  2. These flowers are amazing Deb!


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