Just a little post to share the Father's Day cards my son and I just finished.  We'll be off soon to guide my husband on a little treasure hunt for some things he's always wanted but circumstances haven't gotten around to providing...a motorcycle [inside family joke]; an airplane [since he isn't flying anyone else's at the moment]; and a new bird clock [not really something he's always wanted, but it was half off at Hobby Lobby and our last one broke during one of our many moves.]  My son and I had so much fun stamping together, and he always teaches me at least one great trick each time we create!  I came up with a few myself with this many ways to say dad...I'll share them all tomorrow since there's fun to be had offline today!  [Tune in tomorrow if you're interested in details!]
   You might notice "PA" and "abeulo" in the names above...we lost my husband's dad just before our daughter was born, so our kids know him only through our memories of him and he is "Abuelo" to them and "Dad" to us.  As a child, I grew up watching "Little House on the Prairie" and my dad always wanted to be called Pa after that...we lost him a couple of years ago just before Father's Day.  Dads are important.  I'm off to celebrate with my husband--"father" to our children and someday maybe an Abuelo himself!