Tips and Tricks

   In case you might be wondering about the promised 'tips and tricks,' I'm back to fill you in!  I have fallen in love with one of my favorite websites all over again when I remembered to use it to print out a polar graph which added just the right touch to the Father's Day card I made for my husband here.  It is such a nifty tool to have just for putting together anything with a curve...and with travel and maps figuring so prominently in current trends, it can be a great digital or hybrid element to use in cards and layouts.  I have several ideas in mind I'll try to share in the next month or so!
   Also tricky in the "Dad's" post was the contribution my son made while creating his special greeting.  I always--ALWAYS--learn something from him, and Sunday was so much fun!  He loves to hunt the scrap box and uses the pieces to make a composition.  Finding a scrap of security envelope, he thought it was quite sky-like and stamped an airplane on it.  [This after using my new embossing envelope which is wood-grain!  My son!  So excited to get his hands on the new stash!!]  Then, as the sentiment, he asked me to print out the definition to "dad" from the online dictionary...simple genius...AND he wanted to add his own 2nd definition:  "You!"  Talk about a creative little mind!  Of course I started thinking about all the possibilities for text backgrounds I could do adding/subtracting my own custom definitions; changing/adjusting font sizes and justification....and in case you didn't catch this card and post about the graph website, you might want to check it out for yourself and see how you could use it and put your own stamp on it!  
   See you summer tomorrow!