In a Golden Moment

   We were privileged to live in northern Japan for two years and one of the things that most impresses me still is the ability of the people there to enjoy and live in the moment. They embrace each season and highlight and concentrate on the beauty it brings knowing it will change even as they are watching it. 
   I have been enjoying golden moments in our beautiful fall; I believe I can actually see the colors concentrating in the leaves then fading before my eyes. It inspired me to get out my leaf skeleton stamps and try to capture something different with them. 
   I keep many of my scraps around my desk as I am working with different projects because I am often mesmerized by their negative/opposite space. I had an hourglass shape in mind to finish this card 
and I was going to use the cut-aways to make another negative-space card in a similar design. I changed my mind when inspired by some geometric things I've pinned lately, and  I like the results even better. 
   Hope you enjoy a golden moment of your own today.


  1. Lovely cards! I love the colors that you have chosen and the leaf stamps. What set are the skeleton leaves from?

  2. Thanks for stopping by Judy! The stamps are from an old Stampin' Up! set. I do think this design would lend itself to other leaves as well...might just try it and see for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Beautiful Fall inspired cards, Deb! Love these leaf images and the colors you chose. I find myself going back to my "old" stamps sometimes and wondering 'why don't I use these more often'?
    PS: sure hope Miss Sandy doesn't pack much of a punch for you..we are getting some wind and spotty rain here in FL today


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