Shine On

   Today's variation on my holiday card theme is entered in the Moxie Fab World Card Making Day extravaganza! Cath and PaperCrafts magazine are pulling out all the stops to create a fun venue to celebrate and share our paper passion! Enter your own creations and have a chance to win the fabulous random prize drawings in many categories!
   Don't be confused when you see the name on the alias for papercraft's website is McGyver. My "real" name was already taken years ago when I signed on, and I went with my alter ego. Any other fans out there? I fancy myself a paper crafting McGyver--often having to make do and be extra creative to replicate the latest trends with the few supplies I had on hand...especially when we were living in remote northern Japan. You can see what I mean by checking this post for some extra fun and a handy household tip!
Shine On red
Shine On green  

    I wish you a shining day wherever you are!