Hello Painted Lavender

All Washi-ed Up!

   Anyone who knows anything about me knows I love a good--okay, any--pun and I couldn't resist the title for this post! Just using my washi tape to camouflage a dud card from a set I was making similar to these others I've made before. One of the stamped off sentiments under the top teal stripe of tape [yes...I also enjoy alliteration] was smudged and would not do for the crisp look I was going for...so I did what all experienced paper crafters do: I improvised. I saved the card and the inking I'd already finished by breaking out some tape for a fun look that I actually will produce intentionally sometime!
   Do you have a favorite story of covering something up? [and I do mean in the paper crafting realm only please...] I'd love to hear it if you're willing to share.


  1. Great save, Deb! I love the way the card turned out--like it was meant to be! And you couldn't have done it any other way, even if you tried, right? Love this!

  2. I love the way you covered up with washi...it looks intended!


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