Hello Painted Lavender


   A funny thing happened while my husband was away...besides hurricane Sandy! After a couple of days without power--the only thing that happened to us up on our hill--I kicked the end of my bed as I often do. This time though, all was not apparently well when I looked down to view the damage and now the kids and I are adept at "buddy taping" to keep the littlest piggy straight with it's mates! We used painter's tape, but I'm thinking now I might actually try some washi...just for fun since I'm always touting the indispensability of my crafting supplies...
   I was nuts without my significant other, and now I'm just nuts about having him home again safe and sound! No matter how long he's gone, it always feels like a full six month deployment like it used to be in our active duty Navy days. 
   You might be wondering what inspired this particular card...or you might not be--but I will tell you anyway! Hero Arts' new challenge for this month is lots of fun to enter, and I did so with colors and a little bling on the acorn here! You should enter something too...especially if you're like me and staying put a little more with a broken toe!