I'm singing the Carly Simon song...not an unusual occurrence in my studio since I usually have lyrics off the top of my head for most situations. I have such mixed feelings this week. On the one hand I anticipate creating, relaxing, and having something concrete to show for my activity. On the other, I am too aware and empathizing with events in the news. 
   I've always liked this song, and there are a few lines in it that ring out for me right now:
                                 "We can never know about the days to come,
                                   But we think about them anyway...

                                   And tomorrow we might not be together..."

   I have some creating to do for birthdays for family far away. I think I'll put on some Tapestry, ink up some new Hero Arts, stamp my story, and celebrate the now! Sending good thoughts out to everyone reading this; sending up prayers for the strength of our nation, its people, and its ideals.