They Say It's Your Birthday!

   Having some fun collaging a birthday card for my teenage nephew. He's a chef in training so I thought this little chocolate label was fun to add--plus I loved the colors to build a greeting design. Kind of went with the high-flying theme with some of the new Hero Arts Stamp Your Story clings and clear stamps--I love to personalize my cards, and as you can see my nephew has a less common name. These Sketchbook Letters make my life a lot easier--and the fact that no letters repeat allowed me to assemble the name all on one clear block. Bonus!! 
   I'm really happy with the way this turned out--have asked my son to be on the lookout for more page-a-day calendar pages that might be great for cards! [This little airplane label came from a Smithsonian museum desk calendar!]   
   Hero Arts is hosting a challenge for designs using their new Stamp Your Story! Check it out for yourself--how do YOU stamp life? My favorite stamping is when I can use something less conventional and mold it to what I need. That's MY story and I'm sticking to it!