Bee Happy

   I did promise to write a post about the bees at our place now. Here's a sample of the cards I made for the apiarist who lives in my house! I have been collecting bee themed stamping supplies since my name is Hebrew for bee, and I think my mom chose well since I'm always buzzing around doing something. Could even bee(!) why my daughter has developed a passion for them:
   This is "the package" that rode on a truck up from Georgia to our local bee supplier. They are Italians and are a beautiful golden color. The queen is in the middle of that mass, as is a small tin can filled with sugar water to sustain them for the journey.
   My daughter is spraying the bees with sugar syrup to give them something to do while they are relocated to their new home in the hive box. Once saturated, they'll bee(!) cleaning themselves off and unconcerned with the pouring out that comes soon.
   The queen is in her very own little cage which is placed on the bottom of the hive. The bees have been getting used to her and the cage is for her protection until the bees know her scent. In a few days, her attendants will eat through the candy stopper to release her and she will begin laying eggs and making bees. 
   Remember the sugar syrup? The bees are busy drying themselves off while they get knocked out of their formation and are dumped out of the container down into the hive frames.
   Since there were a few stragglers, the container is set near the entrance to the new hive--notice it is partially blocked with grass clippings to encourage the bees that it's home sweet home. You can also see here the tray of water with some stones in it so the bees don't drown while they try to drink because they will be thirsty after their long trip.
   Success! Bees installed, buzzing happily and resting on apple blossoms, and checking out their new digs. Resident apiarist embarked upon her latest adventure.


  1. What an interesting post, Deb, thanks! And I love your bee creations, too!


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