All that Glitters...

is golden.... Dusting off my flaxen glitter to add the perfect touch to twinkling Big Eyes' Venetian mask. In honor of Moxie Fab World's Midas-type golden challenge, I've dug out, panned through my accessories drawers, and assayed all the chunks, powders, dusts, and veins of rich gold so they can sparkle in the autumn sunshine! I thought it the perfect foil to embellish a chalkboard style card with some spahklies and the handmade paper has beautiful shiny bits to complete the effect. Sent this to a special friend of mine who celebrates Halloween all year round--and who follows the Yellow Brick Road--hugs to you Oz!
   Next up:  I had a little fun with this Hero Arts background stamp. Took a Brushstrokes stamp [from a Hero Arts Stamp Your Story set] and used it to emboss a lovely gilding of Egyptian Gold. It really catches the light and adds a bit of glam to a casual, fun card--kind of like the current fashion trends don't you think?!
   Thanks again for a fun challenge Cath--Moxie Fab World rocks--and there's still time to play King Midas and put your own stamp on the Golden Challenge!


  1. Hey Deb! Thanks for linking this up to the All That Glitters is Gold challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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