Bee Restored…

   I going to knock on the hive…a get well card for my mom-in-law inspires me to broach a very serious topic. [when a beekeeper knocks on the hive you can hear the bee buzz-hum rise in intensity]
   I have been trying to understand what is happening to my government. Apologies to foreign visitors for being American for a minute; you might indulge me because what happens here does affect others, and I'd actually welcome foreigners' opinions. I try to read daily news and opinions from all over the globe. 
   We have a President that has blatantly refused to implement and/or enforce laws passed by our Congress--even some signed by his own hand. This is not spin, this is not opinion, this is fact. Our 'free' press--which was intended by our country's founders to be the loudest 'branch' of our government is for the most part silent about this breach of oath and in some cases encouraging of it based on certain issues. I find myself almost speechless that there is no accounting. Does it concern you as well? Will you investigate on your own and demand answers from your representatives? Would you be interested in helping with a grassroots movement to repeal the 17th amendment--restoring the original intent of electing Senators? [I found it very interesting that it was changed at about the same time we added the Income Tax amendment!] Perhaps we should limit all representatives to the same number of terms as our President while we're at it? Do consider how a more directly accountable Senate would change the environment of the Congress. And also consider that a Congress comprised of people with real jobs and professions who come to serve a term and represent their towns and states would behave in a completely different fashion than one concerned with re-election.
   Our founders engaged in endless hours of debate to craft a system which comes the closest in history to account for human weakness and promote the most human freedom. The more I read of their private and public correspondences the more I respect their achievement. They understood natural inclinations and the poison of power; our first President refused the kingship the people wrongly offered him; and in my own lifetime I have seen the progression of the Executive Branch to exceed it's Constitutional limits. 
   I feel I must do something about it. Will you join me--wherever you are? Will you do something where you live? Will you choose an issue you are passionate about and hold your elected officials accountable because they work for you? Will you restore the Constitution? or will you silently watch as we lose all our freedom? Please demand truth. In our case it will set us free. 
   I would love to hear what stamp you will put on this.