And She's Off...

   Darling daughter is off and nearly settled in her new environment oh-so-many-miles away at college. We were lucky to have her for a gap year while she observed her hive and thought about honeybees and lots of other things. Now we focus on her brother, and we all marvel at her new experiences. 
   I made her a little stash of cards to take with her. She loves to write, has friends all over the world, and she'll add to her collection with memories and moments. I look forward to corresponding with her's such a unique way to communicate and there are nuances that are under appreciated in our twittery, instant, knee-jerk world.
   Now I'll have a great excuse to try out all the goodies I've been collecting before our move and since we've unpacked. Have some new embossing folders and they make lovely backgrounds for these Hero Arts stamps...a great way to incorporate some of my favorite quotes to share, and fun for my daughter to display on her desk. 
   I'm curious to hear from you. To whom do you write real letters? or even an email of any length? Is it a habit worth forming and/or passing on? Share how you put your own stamp on this notion won't you?


  1. The card is delightful. Yes, I write letters, but I"m afraid not as much as I used to.


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