Old and New

Happy Feet!

   Counting the days until we get to have darling daughter home from university. So much to catch up on, new memories to be made, and another farewell when she leaves to continue her studies. It's going to fly by so we will make it count.
   My sister loves all things penguin. I took some Jolee stickers and built a set of cards around them. Had fun playing with my new shimmer spray and sentiment stamps--easy! My favorite card is the one you don't see here; I'm pretty sure the dog ate it! It was on my desk for final touches…spent a few concentrated minutes attaching the little fish hanging from fishing poles…couldn't find it anywhere when I came back after lunch. I should have looked in Odin's mouth for signs of glitter…he was skulking sheepishly enough to not have bothered though. He loves paper as much as I do.