Bb is for...

   Back! Sorry about the hiatus. We had a chance to take a quick trip out to see dd/sister out west, and we took it. With our four big dogs [two of which do not enjoy strangers or strange situations] we have to strike when dad's schedule has him home. My son doesn't remember much about living out west, and the last time I saw my favorite place--Grand Tetons--was when I was pregnant with him.
   We did a combination of flying and driving a rental car through 4 states; saw Yellowstone, and visited dd's college in Montana. It was a great time and I was inspired by the vistas and the galleries filled with western art everywhere we travelled. I'm anxious to get creating and putting my own stamp on some of my favorite ideas! We were even graced with some fall color in the mountains, and fabulous weather for most of the trip. Fall in the American west is just really like nowhere else.
   In the meantime, here's something I did before we left...simple inchie card for dd with some washi tape.