A Little Color...

   Usually when we reference 'a little color' at our house we mean fall leaf color--like this scene I snapped on the hike around Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons a couple of weeks ago. The gloomy weather--and not being able to actually see the Tetons--actually served to accentuate the golden hues of the aspens, and contrast with the evergreens. It also was a beautiful landscape for the nose...fir, spruce, and moist leaves mixing with the rain and damp earth. I kept telling my son, "The mountains are right there--across the lake--we just can't see them!" Oh well. We saw what we saw when we could see it.
   As for the second reference to a little color for this post: Kathy over at The Daily Marker blog is hosting a 30-day coloring challenge to color something every day of October! What a fun idea, so that's what I am going to try to do! Here's today's project:
   It's a small [2" x 3"] woodblock image that I wanted to try a coloring technique on. Out west, I saw a lot of beautiful prints with very thick black lines filled with bright colors. I prefer bright and deep hues, so the style really spoke to me. I'll be experimenting with it a bit more--this one's actually just a dummy sheet; I plan to black emboss the image to give it even more contrast. This was fun practice :) 
   Maybe you'll enjoy putting your own stamp on this idea too. And what better way to keep busy while the weather might be howling outside?!
   Hopefully the impending hurricane won't give us too much trouble; but it's been pouring for a few days now and more rain will only bring more problems. Good luck to everyone in the path of Joaquin!


  1. wow... this is an awesome sharp coloring tech... and your landscaped scene totally wows me:) thanks for a gr8 card share:)


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