I'd Like to Buy the World a Smile...

   I woke up this morning and my first thought was this Coke commercial from when I was growing up. The world needs this right now something told me. I don't know why...I don't even drink Coke or any sodas anymore. I call it a God thing. Or my subconscious, like the character in "God Friended Me" might say.
   Regardless of where it came from, I asked Siri to find it for me and I sang along as I made my morning coffee [but first...coffee!] and then came up to my studio to write this post. 
   While looking for the links, the autoplay on YouTube took me through the following videos on the Coca Cola channel. Wow. 

   Great fun, interesting history, and a reminder of how fun building a Rube Goldberg machine can be. [they have a big contests every year all over!] Google it and there are so many ideas to keep everyone entertained/spur creativity for doing something challenging and fun while we're social distancing! 

   This song is just happy. Enjoy it, and please leave a comment if it inspires you. Good vibes only please:)


  1. I can totally identify with you about the Coke song. Back in the day, we drank coca cola only for special occasions (LOL)! ....Growing up in Taiwan, I heard this song in my teenage years and that's how I experienced the Great Americana. I felt that time has gone way past us and I am also feeling nostalgic in a time like this. Sending you good vibes and we can sing along in our heads....together. HUGS! ps: I hardly visit blogs now and am glad to stumble on yours post today! Yes, Virginia, it's a God thing.

  2. thanks so much for these good vibes V! I've been watching all of your amazing creations when I get out on the web...more these days and I'll have to start leaving more love. I so enjoy your creative and joyous spirit! Be well friend! Thanks for stopping by today-it's reassuring to reconnect with old friends to remind us the world is a good place.


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