DIY Advent Calendar: Buy Two/Give One Away and Support Charity


   Hello Friends! How’s Life?

   May I ask for your help?

   Many of us miss community, fellowship, and being helpful to others. I am gathering groups for virtual and in-person circles to socialize, create, and share what we make with others who need encouragement. You might be thinking of someone right now.

   I’m launching a Buy 2/Give 1 Away campaign for the terrific Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar kit. Use it year after year and put whatever you like in the boxes! Keep it out year-round with any of the fun alternative ideas I will share in our free group crafting sessions! 

   Get your kits today and get started on sharing holiday cheer! My online shop is open 24/7 at Order now until November 15th to participate.
   All profits from this campaign will be used to purchase kits to donate to women’s and veteran’s shelters and charities. Please join us and feel free to bring a friend. Or join to make some new friends!

   Thank you for your help! I am grateful for your business, and I look forward to serving you and creating for our community.

“An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.”  – Lydia M. Child


  1. Our family has created several types of holiday magic over the years, and the advent calendar is one of our favorites. This year, I plan to give a few of these kits to younger kids in my life to pass on the tradition of lighting up the days for someone else. Whether that's mom and dad, the grandparents, or their siblings, kids can decorate the boxes (we're talking paper and glue here) and then create stories, art, notes, and other kinds of homemade items to put inside the boxes (someone's favorite candy, some homemade cookies, a great skipping stone, maybe a cool sculpy figure or lego creation?). So many possibilities to create fun for other people in your life. I could see a lot of elementary teachers receiving something from their class like this. Wishing everyone holiday cheer early and often this year!

  2. Thanks so much for these wonderful ideas Chris--and for your support in purchasing them during my Buy 2, Give 1 Away Campaign!

    Thank you for your help spreading cheer this year! I'm so grateful for your business, and I wish you and yours health, joy, and happiness for the holidays and always.


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