Wonderful World Wednesday!

   How's Life Friends?

  Introducing another type of blog post/feature: Wonderful World Wednesday! 

   A little backstory...I've been an educator for most of my life. I started out teaching in my garage when I was in 4th grade for the neighborhood kids. I coveted those extra purple mimeographed papers my classroom teachers saved for me, and I was lucky enough to have several outstanding role models as my family moved from town to town, state to state. Sometimes I would attend two different schools in one year. While it occasionally was a bit rough to always be "new" I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.

   I taught other people's children for the first 12 years of my professional career, and when I was pregnant with my first I switched to homeschooling. We were a military family and moving around a lot. I knew how disruptive that is to learning. We wanted continuity in our children's education, so we decided to school them ourselves. At the time it was only just becoming easier to exercise our freedom to do this and our family is indebted to the pioneers of the legal battles which secured our rights. I'm always happy to talk about homeschooling--contact me through the form on my blog homepage:)

   My favorite bumpersticker/slogan is:

                          "Homeschooling: The World is Our Classroom"

   It is a Wonderful World out there! and I will feature useful links I've found and continue to curate. I enjoy sharing quality ideas I come across with others and I appreciate finding and learning new things.

   Today's cards feature Free As A Bird and the Sale A Bration set A Touch of Ink to highlight some birding-from-your-couch fun!

   Here are some wonderful links I've just discovered:

cornell bird cam - YouTube

Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam - YouTube

West End Bald Eagle Cam powered by EXPLORE.org - YouTube

Live Hummingbird Feeder Cam, Bird Feeder, Studio City, California - YouTube 

  Check back for other Wonderful World Wednesdays!

   Be Well Friends!

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