Finer Art Friday: Focus on Photography



How's Life Friends? 

   We've been enjoying some summer-while-it's-still-winter this week and I am inspired to go on a photo safari today. I'll post to my @debstampslife this afternoon with some of my finds, but until then here's something to enjoy with a cuppa to get your creativity caffeinated: 

   I am a huge fan of the Affinity suite of products. I have absolutely no affiliation with this outstanding outfit...just admiration and gratitude for how they continue to put their stamp on graphic/digital art with such excellence! I find their resources spot on in quality, interest, and inspiration. Creatives they feature are amazing and I always can find something to spur the mojo for my medium! Their YouTube Channel is so helpful!

   I heartily recommend all of their solutions not only for their ease of use, but the fact they are a one-time purchase not a subscription-based designer suite.Check them out and see what you think! I think they're Straight Up...the best;)

   Photographing my projects is a large part of the fun I have expressing myself with my business/hobby! As a medium it's come a long way from the darkroom/developing days...which my husband and I used to do with large format cameras. We still enjoy black and white photographic art, and here's a few fun finds from museum collections. 

Dorthea Lange

Ansel Adams

National Gallery of Art

European Photo History

Victoria and Albert Museum

  Another tip: Choose some images and download to a USB stick and put it in your smart tv to display and enjoy:)

   Be Well Friends!


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