Simple Art Saturday: Simply Succulents

   How's Life Friends?

   I love alliteration as you can tell by my same-sound-repeated title on today's post! I remember teaching it to my 4th grade students in so many creative ways and how delighted they were in experimenting with sound. Today I am creating with one of the new In Colors: Soft Succulent.

   I think being and feeling artistic is essential for happiness and a feeling of accomplishment as a human. If you don't already have something ready/easy to use that allows you to fulfill this need, I humbly suggest stamping. 

   I went to my first Stampin' Up!® party at a neighbor's house back in the 90's. It was an instant match for me and I asked how to sign up that night. I loved that I could ink up a beautiful drawing, stamp it on a card, and decorate/color it in so many different ways. Magic. I was an artist! [I always had been, but it wasn't something a mother of a toddler and a spouse of a deploying Navy man thought about in the daily scheme of life!] 

   Stamping really is easy. 
   It's not a huge commitment of resources as you start out, and it's the kind of hobby that rewards everyone from beginners to experts. [Stay tuned for the launch on May 4th of the Join+ from Stampin' Up!® This special sign up bonus for new demonstrators will include $155 of product all for $99 and free shipping with no obligation!] I've found the basic papercrafting tools to be useful for all kinds of school and home projects too. My kids used them all the time growing up!

   In today's card I simply stamped the succulent image onto some shimmer paper with black, waterproof ink, then I took my ink pads and water painter and started to color. Tracing the outlines, adding shadows under sections, and mixing greens as I went. I used a tissue I kept in my hand to blot in case I wanted to, and I just worked the detailed brush around the image until I liked it. It was a relaxing process and when finished, I had something to give to my friend! Being artsy can be really simple, fun, and satisfying!

   The Simply Succulents Bundle has some beautiful dies [like the lattice background you see in this card] that add to any project.

   Be Well Friends!


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