Sunday Serendipity: Kandinsky, Mussorgsky, & Katsenelenbogen

   How's Life Friends?

   Have you ever discovered an intersection of things/ideas/people you had no idea would be connected? It suddenly makes you feel part some magic even though it may be completely outside/separate from you. 

   Are we really that separate though?

   Today's project was inspired by the art, the music, and the idea that we're all part of the same time/space. 

    My art: 

     The original art:

Kandinsky's Squares with Concentric Circles, 1913
   The music:

  The idea:

   In the vehicle of your life do art and music have a front seat or a back seat? 

   When they're leading the way they can draw us into ourselves to find beauty, truth, and pure joy. 

   In researching this post on Wassily Kandinsky, I came across information that he once designed the stage set for a performance of Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. As a synaesthete Kandinsky felt a special connection between between art and music.

   I haven't really listened to Mussorgsky's music before. I have reveled in friend Eryan Katsenelenbogen's improvisations. I remembered he collaborated in this piano performance, "Classical Meets Jazz" performing Pictures at an Exhibition in Boston just before we moved there and met him. It's an amazing production by two incredibly gifted and creative people.

   To hear the music as it was originally written, and Rani's improvisation while viewing Kandinsky's work, gives even greater enjoyment of all three for me. 

   Realizing that a favorite painter once created art for the original music performance, and hearing the jazz artistry inspired by that music–from one of my favorite contemporaries–is some beautiful Sunday serendipity. 

   I think we're made of Music and Color. Rhythm and Shape. Reverberation and Light.

   I believe we're all part of something bigger. 

   I'd like to think Kandinsky believed it too.

   Here's a link to a site where you can see more information and images of Kandinsky and his art.


   Be Well Friends!

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