Spreading Holiday Cheer to Family Promise

   How's Life Friends?

   I hope you were able to gather for Thanksgiving to start the holiday season. We did a little in person and a little virtual for both sides of the family.

   Part of our fun included assembling the Holiday Countdown Projects Kits that were purchased as part of my Spreading Holiday Cheer Campaign. Because of your patronage I was able to donate project kits to all the families being helped at our local Bozeman Family Promise. Thank you again for your generosity and for spreading cheer in your own way too!

   And here's another one made to fill and send to a homebound friend:

   The customer who made this filled it with small letters recounting memories of their times together over the years! Such a thoughtful way to spread love and cheer. [I think there's also going to be some homemade fudge in there too!]

   Hope you're making something fun! I have been busy in the studio and will share more about my current projects tomorrow. Until then, Be Well Friends!