Wonderful World Wednesday: Building a Second Brain

   How's Life Friends?

   Sorry I've gone radio silent for a whole week! I've had a growth spurt with the changing of the season. 

   It all started with the quarterly Designing Your Life workshop on Friday...getting together with a global group of some of the most positive, curious, insightful, and committed people on the planet led by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. Talk about a whole new level! 

   Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "Man's mind, stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions." It's the ultimate Life Long Learner's creed. My mind expands daily in the warmth of spring temperatures for walking miles, grows like the flock of spring lambs on the corner farm, and seeks answers to new questions I discover.

   I'm Building a Second Brain! I found this concept researching how to do an academic literature review. And if you give Deb a Second Brain, she's gonna want to learn more about Tiago Forte; when she finds Forte, she's going to want to download Notion; then....you get the idea! [I used to love reading those If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books to my kids and soon I'll have a Grand to share them with!]

   Here's a terrific link to something I just found while looking for a different link to put in this post. [Serendipity is my favorite] It happens to be 20 pages of really terrific resources for online learning and has some of my favorite quotes in it about education. It's worth bookmarking or putting in your second brain. I'm familiar with most of the things on this list and now I will be learning more about the person who compiled it...I have sooooo many tabs open on my browsers!

   The next big thing to happen in the middle of last week was the debut--for Demonstrator's only--of the new Stampin' Up!® Annual Catalog! All I can say is WOW! I haven't had a wish list this long since...ever! The Last Chance/Retiring list was also released and I've gone through it with my top picks to get before they're gone forever. 

   One of my retiring favorites is the Floral Essence set. I've made some really beautiful cards with these solid stamp images and I love its unique sentiments. 

   I have an orange dress that inspired this design and I added textured and stitched frames to pop it up a bit. Another variation is on my desk so stop by on Friday to see that one if you like.

   How are you waking up to spring this year? What new things are you stretching your mind to? I hope you're energized, hopeful, and looking forward!

   Be Well Friends!


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  1. Did you use the rectangle dies to make frames? It looks like you did, but I don't see them on list. If not, how did you do that? Lovely card.

    1. Hello Jeannie! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a question and for your kind words! Yes--indeed I did use the stitched rectangles frames. Sometimes I forget a supply in my TAMS list lol! Be Well Friend!


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