Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Savoring a Fall Day

      Nothing says New England Fall like a clear blue sky, breeze waving the last of summer's blossoms, and sunshine backlighting the turning leaves.  I've spent a moment coloring this stamped design with my colored pencils...pure joy...I am 12 again leisurely deciding which shades will bring my picture to life...wishing you a fond memory recalled on this perfect autumn afternoon!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

From Owl of Us

From Owl of Us by debstamps
From Owl of Us, a photo by debstamps on Flickr.
   You can never have too many googly eyes for a birthday card! Reprise of the Yoo Hoo owl chorus for son's friend's bday!  I also used my googly eyes for an unusual...although it made perfect sense to me...fix for my vacuum cleaner handle attachment.  You see, the little molded plastic bits that hold the hose to the attachments have been worn off over the years, and instead of plunking down $28.95 plus shipping for a new handle, I thought there MUST be something I can do to fix it.  Well...I knew instantly that my littlest googly eyes were about the right size and height, so I got some super glue and voila!  
   My craft supplies came to the rescue!  [I figure since I saved all that money I could rationalize putting it toward some new stamps?  What do you think?]  
   I know my supplies have come in handy for many uses besides enjoyment and entertainment over the years.  What fixes have you come up with using your crafting tools and various bits?  I'd love to hear about them!  Make it a great weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

SoCool Days

A Little Rhythm Card for Rani!'s officially Fall; piano has begun again, and tonight I'll be taking this little card for our  teacher.  I kept hearing a little bongo in the background ala the Beatnik era while I was composing this design comprised of several different Hero Arts alphabet sets.  I've been drawn to many graphic quotes/designs I've seen on Pinterest, and have been wanting to play around with the concept in my medium.  This is also entered in the latest Hero Arts monthly contest at their super blog here!  Happy Fall Ya'll!  

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Persian Pickle

Check out CAS-ual Fridays

   Who knew that tomorrow is International Literacy Day?!  I just had to make something for this week's CAS-ual Fridays challenge in honor of our family's passion for reading.  Seems like homeschoolers, libraries, and books of all kinds just naturally go together!  When they were little, my kids called the library the "bookstore."  [which occasionally caused the grownups to have to steer them back to the paying checkout counter!]
   I just finished a story that inspired my entry into this week's challenge, and I have to say I learned a lot from reading it!  I am not a quilter, but I was touched by the lovely analogy stitched by Sandra Dallas in her novel, The Persian Pickle Club.  Did you know that another name for paisley design is Persian Pickle?  I enjoyed the story very much, and thought it would be perfect for the "Black and White and Read All Over" challenge.
   Inspired by the novel's novice quilter to make a simple 9 Patch design to get started and using the splash of red in a Persian Pickle pattern, I had a blast making my own paper quilt square.  Everyone in the 'Pickle' had a piece of the precious, store-bought, exotic paisley fabric and it stood out in all their individual quilts as bright and unique.  
   The Hero Arts clear stamp set Exotic Decor  was just the thing to produce my idea.  I embossed, inked, and used black, white, and red cardstocks to make my patches, and arranged them to my liking to mount on a square...akin to quilting--or so I imagined as I was crafting.  I think my 1-inch craft punch and adhesive are a little easier than sewing though!  Missing from the experience was the hen clucking--as the men folk described their wives in the Pickle--but I did put some birds into my quilt!  
   My mom's birthday is coming up, and this will make a lovely card since she's just getting into quilting herself.

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