Friday, February 28, 2014

The Other Half...

   Yesterday you might have seen yesterday's post. Just wanted to show what I did with the other half. I put on my swank and flashed back to the 60's and 70's with a little wild wallpaper and an embossed television set. Reminds me of lying too close to the set watching Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, and Bewitched--usually coloring at the same time. Those were the days. 
   Nowadays I am watching a lot of C-Span. I highly recommend it. It's good to hear straight from the horses' mouths what's going on in Washington D.C. You might be very surprised. I think people deserve a little more truth from our government. What do you think?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Fabulously Sunny Day

   I am officially done with winter. Winter apparently is not done with me. I am lucky I have an indoor hobby and a south facing window to capture what little sunshine is available these days. Used it to good effect photographing this latest contribution to the Hero Arts Blog Birthday contest. I find this a great opportunity to get me making some birthday cards--which surprisingly, I don't usually make until the last second. In the past, I've always made them for my mom's stash I send a couple of times a year, and I usually don't have any for my own!
   I gold embossed the Daisy Background stamp and cut in in half…colored with a coral marker for some positive/negative design effect, embossed some Hero Arts sentiments and composed a little exclamation mark. The die cut flower exclamation point is sequin layered, and I embellished with more shine on the mark! I like how the lines came out, and it really catches the sunshine! 
   Join in on the fun over at the Hero Blog to put a little sunshine into your day!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bee Restored…

   I going to knock on the hive…a get well card for my mom-in-law inspires me to broach a very serious topic. [when a beekeeper knocks on the hive you can hear the bee buzz-hum rise in intensity]
   I have been trying to understand what is happening to my government. Apologies to foreign visitors for being American for a minute; you might indulge me because what happens here does affect others, and I'd actually welcome foreigners' opinions. I try to read daily news and opinions from all over the globe. 
   We have a President that has blatantly refused to implement and/or enforce laws passed by our Congress--even some signed by his own hand. This is not spin, this is not opinion, this is fact. Our 'free' press--which was intended by our country's founders to be the loudest 'branch' of our government is for the most part silent about this breach of oath and in some cases encouraging of it based on certain issues. I find myself almost speechless that there is no accounting. Does it concern you as well? Will you investigate on your own and demand answers from your representatives? Would you be interested in helping with a grassroots movement to repeal the 17th amendment--restoring the original intent of electing Senators? [I found it very interesting that it was changed at about the same time we added the Income Tax amendment!] Perhaps we should limit all representatives to the same number of terms as our President while we're at it? Do consider how a more directly accountable Senate would change the environment of the Congress. And also consider that a Congress comprised of people with real jobs and professions who come to serve a term and represent their towns and states would behave in a completely different fashion than one concerned with re-election.
   Our founders engaged in endless hours of debate to craft a system which comes the closest in history to account for human weakness and promote the most human freedom. The more I read of their private and public correspondences the more I respect their achievement. They understood natural inclinations and the poison of power; our first President refused the kingship the people wrongly offered him; and in my own lifetime I have seen the progression of the Executive Branch to exceed it's Constitutional limits. 
   I feel I must do something about it. Will you join me--wherever you are? Will you do something where you live? Will you choose an issue you are passionate about and hold your elected officials accountable because they work for you? Will you restore the Constitution? or will you silently watch as we lose all our freedom? Please demand truth. In our case it will set us free. 
   I would love to hear what stamp you will put on this.

Friday, February 14, 2014


   Just a quick little post to share some valentines. My daughter loves to sew, and my son's favorite color is red:
   Here's to wishing you love to share with someone today, tomorrow, and always.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


    I pinned a winter tree photograph earlier today as an inspiration for this card. Someone tweeted about the winter storm raging up the east coast of the US today, it isn't often that it's snowing in Atlanta and Boston at the same time. Indeed. So what did I do being sequestered inside here in the Shire? I tried out some new sticky embossing powder and made a snowflake card…works pretty well and I am surprised at the detail the glitter holds with the image! Woo hoo--love it when that happens!
   What does it look like out your window? Here's my view:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let's Talk About Birthdays...

   It's still about birthdays here on the blog…I've got some cards, a tip, and a topic for conversation. First, I've been rediscovering my Kaleidacolor stamp pads and had fun making firecracker-like candles for birthday cards. I really like how they look so full of energy even though they're just one layer/easy to mail since most of my friends are a letter or phone call away! I've also been drawn to using color with the subway style sentiments lately, so that's the inspiration for these designs.
   Speaking of designing…something I've been using for years which really helps me figure out where to put things on a standard card and reduces waste [and hence guilt for using precious supplies] is the dummy sheet:
   I go through lots of these little pieces of scrap paper [you know…the printer misfeeds, extra copies of things that shoot out when something glitches and you can't figure out how one copy of something won't print for 30 minutes, then suddenly spews out with 30 copies?!] I turn them over, cut them to 5.5x4.25 in. and voila--tiny practice canvases! 
   When I sit down to play with new stamps, I pull out a stack of dummies and the nearest ink pad and start stamping away for scale, comparison, balance, and all the other nuances to see how they fit together on the space. I usually end up cutting them up and combining them with other elements on a fresh piece of paper--really quick and easy to move and adjust to find just the right orientation for what you're trying to do. Then, I can file them away for future use in a little recipe card holder I have on my desk! 
   I just had a flashback to one of my favorite birthday presents ever when I was a kid: Colorforms! That's exactly how I use my dummy sheets, cutting apart the stamped images I like and arranging them on different background colors, patterns, etc. Wow did I love Colorforms….
   Here's one last card:
   Now for the topic of conversation…my sister sent me a link to a thought-provoking debate held recently:
     Now this is a birthday topic to be sure! Enjoy, and do start talking about all the messy, interesting, important things in life--and be sure to put your own stamp on it!   

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Birthday Bash!

   There's a new contest going on over at the Hero Arts blog and it's celebrating birthdays! It's worth popping over to check out all the creative folks who link up their latest Hero Arts projects, and you just might win yourself a prize if you enter. I'll look forward to seeing how everyone puts their own stamp on this challenge! 
   For this entry I used the Hero Arts Brushstrokes cling set for the candles and flames. My Kaleidacolor ink pads came in really handy to layer lots of different colors in a hurry. For the sentiment I combined my Hero Arts Journal Letters alphabet clear set [always easy to see what I'm doing] and the smaller, matching My Words clear set. Easy, one layer design for mailing, and making sets to give away for my family! Win! Win! 

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