Friday, June 29, 2012

Jazz Up Your Weekend...

   Here's a little tune to survive the rest of the afternoon into the weekend!  It's my darling daughter with her piano teacher.  We love our jazz...and this is an improvisation of an old disco song inspired by the Puppini Sisters!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Set for Summah!

   Hummin' Beach Boys tunes, stamping some fun "cahds" and getting ready to head out to the backyard pool to enjoy this first, real-life-heat-wave, day of "summah!"  This is for my friend Miss Patty Patty over in Maine--whom I'm wicked excited to visit!
   I am quite proud of myself finding an easier way to stamp maritime signal flags--which spell out F...U...N above!  I first had the idea to papercraft them when making something special for my sister's consulting firm, Bravo Zulu, which--in military terms--means "Well Done."  She works very hard to maintain a stellar reputation.
   For Christmas, I wanted to give her something unique, and so I had to make it myself:
   I cut these rather meticulously out of cardstock and adhered them on a square to piece them together...translation:  quilter's appreciation day!  The card bases are smooth white, and the layer under the flags is textured paper--very nautical feel! But, I decided I'd needed to find a faster/easier way to produce the same product so I could keep her in stationery!  Enter my extra rubber from Hero Arts cling stamps, and some small shadow stamps to create the flags in the first card above!  Voila!  I like the result even if it's a bit more casual.  And, I can also use my tangram stencil [thanks to a little Pinterest inspiration from my summer morning indoor 'surfin'] to draw/cut out cardstock for another set!  
   Speaking of "sets" I think I'll be doing sets for Summah!  Got the idea from a recent discussion thread over on the Hero Arts Flickr group asking about whether people make sets or individual occasion cards.  I find myself making sets most often, unless I'm entering a challenge like the one HERE over at Hero Arts Blog!  [can you tell I like Hero?!]
   So, for a whole bunch of ideas, stop by with your cool drink and take a little sip of inspiration sometime!  Feel free to share your bright ideas too!  I'm always interested in how you put your own stamp on life!  The pool beckons....oh, but before I leave, here's a link to learn about flags:  Maritime flags

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tips and Tricks

   In case you might be wondering about the promised 'tips and tricks,' I'm back to fill you in!  I have fallen in love with one of my favorite websites all over again when I remembered to use it to print out a polar graph which added just the right touch to the Father's Day card I made for my husband here.  It is such a nifty tool to have just for putting together anything with a curve...and with travel and maps figuring so prominently in current trends, it can be a great digital or hybrid element to use in cards and layouts.  I have several ideas in mind I'll try to share in the next month or so!
   Also tricky in the "Dad's" post was the contribution my son made while creating his special greeting.  I always--ALWAYS--learn something from him, and Sunday was so much fun!  He loves to hunt the scrap box and uses the pieces to make a composition.  Finding a scrap of security envelope, he thought it was quite sky-like and stamped an airplane on it.  [This after using my new embossing envelope which is wood-grain!  My son!  So excited to get his hands on the new stash!!]  Then, as the sentiment, he asked me to print out the definition to "dad" from the online dictionary...simple genius...AND he wanted to add his own 2nd definition:  "You!"  Talk about a creative little mind!  Of course I started thinking about all the possibilities for text backgrounds I could do adding/subtracting my own custom definitions; changing/adjusting font sizes and justification....and in case you didn't catch this card and post about the graph website, you might want to check it out for yourself and see how you could use it and put your own stamp on it!  
   See you summer tomorrow!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


   Just a little post to share the Father's Day cards my son and I just finished.  We'll be off soon to guide my husband on a little treasure hunt for some things he's always wanted but circumstances haven't gotten around to providing...a motorcycle [inside family joke]; an airplane [since he isn't flying anyone else's at the moment]; and a new bird clock [not really something he's always wanted, but it was half off at Hobby Lobby and our last one broke during one of our many moves.]  My son and I had so much fun stamping together, and he always teaches me at least one great trick each time we create!  I came up with a few myself with this many ways to say dad...I'll share them all tomorrow since there's fun to be had offline today!  [Tune in tomorrow if you're interested in details!]
   You might notice "PA" and "abeulo" in the names above...we lost my husband's dad just before our daughter was born, so our kids know him only through our memories of him and he is "Abuelo" to them and "Dad" to us.  As a child, I grew up watching "Little House on the Prairie" and my dad always wanted to be called Pa after that...we lost him a couple of years ago just before Father's Day.  Dads are important.  I'm off to celebrate with my husband--"father" to our children and someday maybe an Abuelo himself!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Yee Haw!

      I made this for my friend Jeri down on the Three Ponies Ranch.  We got a fun t-shirt for her at a 4-H fundraiser that has a "Bucket List" printed on the front:  feed bucket, water bucket, grain bucket, mucking bucket, etc.  Since I wanted to make her something with a country feel, and try a little gingham on for size ala a recent Moxie Fab World challenge, I made a folder cover for a Jr. size legal pad and tucked some handmade cards inside the pocket!  I love the way the Hero Arts/Basic Grey Bold Flowers stamped on the gingham paper, and the two-tone look is oh-so-vintage--a favorite around our place!  I wanted to do something a little different with the lace border punch and I liked how the title came out too with the Tim Holtz alphabet die cut letters.   Sanded the Coredinations cardstock for a weathered look, and I was ready to send off a little something to my buddy!  
   Jeri was with me when I delivered my daughter, and it made for a special bond over the years.  We Navy wives stick together through all kinds of times, and I always smile when I think of them.  Here's a picture with Jeri at the 3Ponies:
   That'd be my daughter on the left, and my son on the right.  It doesn't get much better in life:  good friends, good times, and big smiles!  Yee Haw!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Glad for Grads!

   The graduation greetings have been created lovingly and sent on their way!  Today is the big bash down in Maryland for my niece's celebration.  We're there in spirit if not body!
   Using a Tim Holtz stamp for a graduation card made perfect sense to me--especially since the two ladies I made them for this year also happen to be incredibly talented artists as well!  I love quotes, and this one seemed a perfect commemoration of the occasion!
   And there's nothing like a little "moolah" for buying art supplies is there???  I love my Hero Arts alphabet stamps...have several different styles of them and they always come in handy for folks things to say!  [Made this tiny envelope with a Sizzix die--perfect size for a check or cash.]   
   For my Maryland-bound niece I made a few different designs of thank you's based on the Maryland state flag which looks like this:
You can see why I thought of the Hero Arts/Basic Grey Zig Zag and More background!
   I used a Hero Arts clear set of thank you's and came up with this variation for something a little different from the others I made!  It was so much fun--I really enjoy creating something unique and special!  [In case you missed the other designs, you can see them in earlier blog posts, or at my Flickr photostream!]

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thank U

   I couldn't be more excited about how the latest batch of graduation thank U's came out!  [Get it...Thank U for the graduate going to college...?]  I think I'll try making my own graphic for a change up from this Stampin' Up! sentiment stamp.  I could mix and match using some other words/letters and have a different design!  These circle elements are red embossed on yellow cardstock since the colors of the target university are those of the Maryland state flag.  The patterns in the Hero Arts/Basic Grey Zig Zag and More Background reminded me of the patterns in the flag, so I block inked them, masked a piece of white cardstock to have an open area, and printed them off.  A little time consuming but the result was worth the effort!  
   Used up some old patterned paper with silver glitter designs which added just the right festive touch, and trimmed them out with washi tape along the bottom.  They're nice and flat to mail out, but have so much visual interest!  I had fun using my giant hand stamp to get the "Maryland" and "Grad itude" sentiments.  Wicked fun!  Now to mail them off to my niece! 
   A lovely way to while away the afternoon!

Friday, June 1, 2012


These were totally CASE-ed from Michelle Wooderson's wonderful blog
   I'll admit to being a little swamped at the end of May each year.  About half the birthdays in our close family occur then, and this year we have a couple of graduations thrown in the mix! A shout out to my very accomplished niece, Ashley, who is headed off to add her talents and energy to the University of Maryland!  I'm excited to make some thank you notes for her!  
   It's my first foray into the Wonderful World of Washi!  My recent Target recon procured these tapes, and  I can tell already that it will be fun playing with them!  I also had fun with the Zig Zag and More background masking a white space, and making my own "faux washi" tape strips.  I plan to make some more by inking the separate patterns in the background with different inks, then cutting them into different widths!
  As noted above, I lifted this fun design from Ms. Mish Mash [I've always loved her blog name!] and it appeals to my inner cottage/vintage chic style in a bright way!  This is a great way to use scraps too!  
   Here's a couple more and a few I made for my daughter's birthday thanks too.  I wasn't kidding when I mentioned it's a big time of year in our family!  Wishing you a safe and happy weekend wherever you are!
p.s.  Thanks again Michelle!!

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