Thursday, April 26, 2012

Moxie Inspiration

   The current Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger started a whole two days of fun and relaxing painting for me!  Cath's  color trend post caught my eye as well since I've been loving the coral/yellow combination I see so many places lately!
  I'm usually interested to know how people get their ideas, so here's my contribution to creativity for the day:

--the first thing I tried was my trusty purple plastic stencil and I experimented with watercolor brushing in traditional stencil style [bottom right dummy sheet]  I liked how I could use totally different colors or just one or two and by varying brush sizes and water amounts I could create some interesting textures;

--next, having been inspired further by my daughter's latest library book on Central Asian fabric patterns--my thoughts went to Ikat-like applications as seen in the bottom left sample [I also immediately thought of using my Hero Arts Zig Zag background stamp as a perfect layer for the designs...don't ask--it's just the way my brain works...]

--and putting it all together I did a panel using two sizes of solid butterfly design stamps kissed on my inked Zig Zag background and stamped on water color paper; used a brush to paint contrasting coral and sunshine colors then misted; it's dimension-mounted on an embossed Zig-Zag card base:
This is for my daughter...I think I'll enjoy making a whole set of different designs/colors for her birthday!
--the second technique is using the pps [plastic purple stencil!] to cut out a symmetrical butterfly [i.e. to be able to control the placement of the zig zags] I was trying to figure out on what to mount the butterfly, playing with some scraps and came up with a unique birthday card [I've been wanting to do something with that embossed panel in the scrap box for almost two years now!]  

   Bottom line:  FUN!  And it kept me out of trouble for a while!  [you know...weeding, yardwork, housework, laundry, trim painting...trouble!]  Thanks Moxie Fab World for my get-away!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Special Time

Hero Arts blog monthly challenge HERE!
   This is a little shape card I made this afternoon.  The original idea was to make the top of a grandfather clock, but I determined that would be a bit too fussy to pull off and so I went for the mantel model.  My Nana used to have one of those copper cast Western horse ones at her place and it's a wonderful memory for me.  I love this Hero Arts set with the old-fashioned clocks and the beautiful sayings in this font!  Looking forward to getting a haul soon filled with the just-released Basic Grey/Hero Arts stamps!   
   In case you were wondering about the details above, I used some old patterned paper [I find it sits on my shelf so I can admire it more than use it...] glued it onto a plain card; made my own template and cut out the shape.  I embossed the clock face and used a large punch to cut the circle, and I used a circle cutter to make the copper paper frame.  [which I am only now realizing I could have just layered--talk about getting into the realism of the clock!  I kept thinking the "cover" needed to open!]  


Thursday, April 19, 2012

B Happy!

   It's been a while since I've posted...been busy just b-ing happy and doing lots of fun things with the 'fam.'  We recently celebrated Patriot's Day and went to a re-enactment over at the Battle Road near Lexington and Concord Massachusetts.  It was a beautiful day, and it was awe-inspiring to re-live a bit of our heritage...stay tuned for tomorrow's post with photos of the action!
   Today has been a lonely one for me since my kids were with their dad at Take Your Son/Daughter to Work Day!  They had fun and I got a few chores done as well as cleaned off my stamping desk to make this for our piano teacher.  He has a shirt with these fun stripes and colors and I couldn't help myself turning it into a card.  Sometimes I just have to give in to the urge when I think, "That would make a fun card...!"  Do you?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


   I am cautiously optimistic that it spring here in the northeast U.S.!  Of course, there are still occasional weather forecasts for snow showers, but the bulbs in the yard are undeterred!  I went out last week to pick some daffodils, and floated some magnolia blossoms in a dish [at least it smells like spring!] and the grass--which has barely turned brown since last fall--is greening up.  The apple blossoms here at Apple Vale are imminent and the sky is blue.  Works for me!
   Here is a little sample of our flower harvest...I love the daffodil photo my son took--I think he has a great eye and I am always discovering a new view through him!  

   Too bad there's no 'smell-a-vision' gadget for blogger...the whole house was infused with the smell of...dare I say it even now?   Spring. 

Best Time to Join!

Mini Paper Trimmer free with new Demo Kit!    I'm so excited to be using this awesome little tool along with all my other goodies...