Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice

   Of course if you're down under it's winter! Either way you just might be ready too! 

   I am making several of these to send to my girlfriends all over the northern hemisphere. Playing with some new Hero Arts stamps and some old Hero Arts favorites too! Entering the Stamp Your Story Contest. These brush strokes stamps are genius and toooooo fun. I enjoy dragging them across the surface of the ink pads which gives a graining effect...would make a perfect boardwalk. Wicked fun! 
   Hope your season is starting with some sun wherever you are.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Diner Delights

   Good day stamping life friends! Speaking of which...since it's a beeeeautiful New England day I'm going to scoot out to garden instead of take more notable pictures! But, since I already had these pictures ready to import, I wanted to post them and share a couple more cards in my retro mood! This Thank you sentiment font is my favorite of all time I think...hint hint Hero Arts--a set of these would be de-lovely and de-lightful! I used glossy cardstock and ran it through my Big Shot with a harlequin pattern--love that it looks like the stainless surface in the Tilton Diner we patronized a few weeks ago! 
   And, since this Archival Viridian ink has been floating my boat lately...I broke out my old-fashioned brayer, inked it up and made my own vintage green glossy for this little beauty:
   And now...I'm out--to revel in the breeze and the sunshine with my kids to stake out some food garden space and take back the lawn islands from the wild things that grow on our beautiful little hill...will also sit and watch the bees a while too! How will you put your own stamp on this day?

Friday, June 14, 2013


   I promised to show and tell how to make a noteworthy notable in my last post, and without further delay here goes! As you can see in the photo above, one can take an 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of card stock and a jr. legal pad and make a dandy little homemade notebook. This is what you would see after you opened it up, and here is the back of this view:
   Note [hee hee] that we will be using the back of the paper pad to actually be the back of our little notebook. Also note that there is a double line of scoring the thickness of this pad and that the front cover is the same width as the pad. [you can use the pad to make your own template as I did:]
   Once you make a template, you can put it on top of any card stock you will be using to make these really quickly and easily. To make the template, first trim off 1/8 inch off one of the shorter sides. I took it from the left side here. Next, I measured from the right side 3/4 inch to make the first of the double scoring lines to form the spine of the notebook. Score another one 1/4 inch to the left of that and your spine is ready. [later, you will be attaching a strong adhesive tape to the 3/4 inch wide panel you just created on the right side edge.] Now, to finish the template you can place your jr. legal pad next to the second scored line and mark the left side which you will score; and the bottom strip you will cut away all the way to the right edge. The tab you see at the bottom of the curved pocket flap will be adhered to the largest, middle panel above and you will basically have a pocket with the 3/4 inch flap to adhere to the left edge of the jr. legal pad. Before you fold and stick the pocket it's usually a good idea to do the stamping on the other side--actually the front/what's visible before bending the scored bits:
   Oh, and you'll also notice I almost forgot to mention cutting down the pocket top to be able to tuck things in easier. From this view we can see the pocket tab along the bottom right to which we will add adhesive and fold under as we fold the whole pocket panel back toward the pad:
   and now we flip it over and we're back to the finished product again:
   Hopefully the description makes sense. As I was trying to describe it I realized a couple more pictures might be helpful and I'll take those tomorrow and post a follow up in case it is helpful to some! 
   I would very much like to see how you put your own stamp on this project and if you'd like to leave a link in the comments I'll be happy to visit!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pattern Play: Mixy-Matchy Style

  Great minds think alike...and our friend Cath over at Moxie Fab World has put out the Mixy Matchy Style challenge to mix patterns like we've been seeing all over the design world of late. Nothing like a Moxie fun trend to get the creative juices flowing and I have been working on these little CAS pattern play cards all week getting a package together for my mom! Now I can enter them in the newest challenge over at Moxie Fab World, and put my own stamp on the mixing patterns idea--CAS [or Clean And Simple] style.
    You should give it a try yourself--Cath has some terrific inspiration photos over there, and it just might mix it up a little for to get ready for the summer! Follow the link over to check it out and maybe you'll put your own stamp on this challenge too?
   Check back here tomorrow for how-to's for a notable to tuck all these lovelies inside, and directions to make your own template! 

Monday, June 10, 2013


   I have a whole stack of magazine and catalog pages I've ripped out for inspiration or because they gave me an idea of something to try with stamps. I like these canvas art pieces and knew I had the perfect supplies to make them in paper. A little smooth ivory cardstock, some grey textured stock, Bold Blooms Hero Arts cling stamps, fun retro/vintage style Hero Arts sentiment stamps, and some embossing powder! 
   Love it when I can make what I envisioned I could. Satisfaction...pure and simple. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Beach Birds

   I've been spending my week stamping after a busy spring of activities and I am even getting ahead on summer this year! I have some new favorite stamps...these little birds from Hero Arts "My Favorite" rubber cling set. What I really like about them is the shading/gradation in the design that shows up so nicely when they are stamped in a row. It's so easy to get a graphic look and I'm having so much fun playing. Even if I can't go to the beach I can dream of watching the birds running along the water line.
   And...I actually have finished the Father's Day card for my husband...used some of the new Hero Arts Travel stamps and alphabets on this one...shhhhh:
   So many fun bits and pieces to stamp and combine! I was able to easily personalize the messages on the stamped tags hanging from the twine--would be great for coupons too and this design could be used for any occasion I reckon! Maybe you'll put your own stamp on it? If you do, you could enter it in the Hero Arts contest yourself!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birds of Summer

    Don't these birds remind you of the ones that scramble along the beach? Perhaps I'm just in a summer frame of mind?! Using one of my favorite stamping techniques [my name is Deb and I'm a repetitive stamper...] I had fun making cards to send my mom for her seasonal stash. These birds are part of the new Hero Arts Stamp Your Story collection, in particular, the set called My Favorite. I'm entering these in the contest sponsored by the Hero Arts blog over HERE! Will you be entering too?
   Here are a few more ideas to get you started into summer: 
   Wishing you a lovely day!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bee Happy

   I did promise to write a post about the bees at our place now. Here's a sample of the cards I made for the apiarist who lives in my house! I have been collecting bee themed stamping supplies since my name is Hebrew for bee, and I think my mom chose well since I'm always buzzing around doing something. Could even bee(!) why my daughter has developed a passion for them:
   This is "the package" that rode on a truck up from Georgia to our local bee supplier. They are Italians and are a beautiful golden color. The queen is in the middle of that mass, as is a small tin can filled with sugar water to sustain them for the journey.
   My daughter is spraying the bees with sugar syrup to give them something to do while they are relocated to their new home in the hive box. Once saturated, they'll bee(!) cleaning themselves off and unconcerned with the pouring out that comes soon.
   The queen is in her very own little cage which is placed on the bottom of the hive. The bees have been getting used to her and the cage is for her protection until the bees know her scent. In a few days, her attendants will eat through the candy stopper to release her and she will begin laying eggs and making bees. 
   Remember the sugar syrup? The bees are busy drying themselves off while they get knocked out of their formation and are dumped out of the container down into the hive frames.
   Since there were a few stragglers, the container is set near the entrance to the new hive--notice it is partially blocked with grass clippings to encourage the bees that it's home sweet home. You can also see here the tray of water with some stones in it so the bees don't drown while they try to drink because they will be thirsty after their long trip.
   Success! Bees installed, buzzing happily and resting on apple blossoms, and checking out their new digs. Resident apiarist embarked upon her latest adventure.

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