Thursday, June 23, 2011

Taking the Plunge!

   Aaaah!  Summer and time for taking a plunge!  My kids tried out the pool at the new house a couple of days ago!  They worked really hard to help get it ready for the first time, and now all it needs is a little clarifier to make the water clear, and we'll have a waiting oasis for the end of our work days!
   Yesterday, we moved 3,000+ pounds of hickory flooring from the local Lowe's to the house.  Made it just in the nick of time before the rains started coming down.  Now, we wait for it to acclimate while we finish our floor demo and reconditioning/repair.  Have the upstairs all painted with primer, and have color ready to go for the kids' rooms.  They're so excited, and that's on my agenda for tomorrow, along with the ceiling in the school room that had a water leak sometime in the past.  It's so much easier to do things without furniture in the way!  
   Picked new carpet to be installed...tough job making so many design choices with a limited budget.  Although to be honest, I think I'd have just as much trouble with an unlimited budget.  We like too many things, and it's a difficult task to narrow things down.  I sometimes have this trouble with card design choices as well--how about you?
   We're in it now...water up to our chins...treading and making our way through all the tasks we've set out for ourselves!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Apple Vale!

   I admit that starting a blog and closing on a house at the same time is ambitious, especially when one considers we have less than six weeks to get some pretty serious renovating done and move in simultaneously.  It's a great education for my kids in project management, cost tracking, and good old-fashioned hard work and elbow grease!  Have I mentioned that we homeschool?  For the last 16+ years as a matter of fact!  Here are my kiddos standing on the back deck of the new house they have dubbed "Apple Vale" after a house in one of their favorite novels.  The neighborhood was built on an apple orchard, and we have several large trees out back we're hoping to harvest this fall!
   This is a 'before' picture of the deck which has lacked any maintenance for at least three years of harsh New England weather.  My daughter is holding a pitcher of peonies cut from one of the languishing perennial beds out in the yard that exploded two weeks after we signed papers thinking the yard was 'iffy!'  Lots of work to catch up on out there too, but for now will focus on the inside so we can get moving our things!  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wherever You Are...

   I mentioned that I like to collect quotes, and this one is a favorite because we have a world of friends.  This is my last card for the season for our wonderful piano teacher, Eyran, who leaves soon for other parts of the world.  We'll miss him over the summer, but I'm sure he will be filling his days with adventures and concerts in many places!

   In another part of the world, I have a new stamping friend, Bianca, with whom I have traded some ATC's through the Hero Arts blog.  I asked if she would mind my posting her wonderful art, and she has graciously permitted me.  I so enjoy sharing with people all over, and I am constantly amazed by the locales of people who visit my photostream and blog.  It's also a great instant homeschool discussion about somewhere on the globe!  Bianca also made a beautiful card with incredible color and detail--what a lovely surprise!
   Thank you so much for your friendship Bianca, and for sharing your wonderful talent!  You've made my world!  Here's to friends near and far!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sending Love!

Happy Friday!  Just a quick post with an idea.  I love to collect quotes, and enjoy finding stamps with sayings.  I wanted to send some love to a friend, and just stamped this sentiment and matched some other images to embellish the words!  Will you share one of your favorite quotes?  I'd love to add it to my collection!
   In the meantime, wish us luck...we're closing on our new home up in New Hampshire, and we'll have our work cut out for us!  New flooring, painting, and moving a kitchen wall.  Plus, catching up on some maintenance inside and out!  Good thing my husband is handy, and my kids are strong.  [I'm reminded of Garrison Keillor's "Lake Woebegone" series--which I'm sure will be playing on our radio while we work weekends]  My kids have named the house, "Apple Vale" since it's built on an old apple orchard.  I'm looking foward to fall already.  Might be the 90's temperatures with the oppressive humidity!?
   Make it a great weekend, and do share your quotes won't you?  Better yet, perhaps you might be inspired to send a little love to someone you know!

Monday, June 6, 2011

D-Day 6 June 1944

Willard with his dad, home on leave

Remembering today.  Sharing with my children now they are of an age we can talk about war and unspeakable evil.  I wonder if as a nation we are remembering and teaching our children?  So much sacrifice on the battlefront and on the home front.  
  I found an interesting site run by the American Battlefield Monuments Commission.  It was established in 1923 as an agency of the Executive Branch of the US government to commemorate the service and sacrifice of American service personnel in foreign lands.  There are some stirring videos, and interactive guide to D-Day operations.  It's worth our time to remember and reflect and show our children.  
   I remember my great uncle Willard who was a paratrooper.  What he must have gone through for us.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Yukata Weather--Moxie Fab Day 2!

More Moxie Fab play today!  Decided to do a whole series of cards and send a little hello to all my friends who shared our Misawa, Japan tour!  It feels like summer finally, and this blue and while reminds me of yukata--summer weight kimonos!

A little leftover chevron action!  I liked how the centers on the fuller
graphic really popped white in a repetitive design.  I often use this
technique and am pleasantly surprised with results most of the time!

The embossing plate used here is a Sizzix product made for
Stampin' Up!  The silver flower was made using a flower punch
combined with a circle punch to take out the end of each petal
then trimmed with scissors to mimic the flower design in the
inchie stamp from Inkadinkadoo!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memories from Japan Triggered from Moxie Fab

Moxie Fab World Trigger Tuesday
   It's Moxie Fab World Trigger Tuesday play day today!  I had lots of fun with these colors and textures.  Making a silver flower from a punch and cutting the petals was easy, and I'll have to use it another time!  Used Inkadinkadoo inchie flower stamps in blue ink and white embossing.  
   I was reminded of Japanese blue and white textile designs and made a set of notecards for a friend of mine who shared our military tour in Misawa, Japan.  She once asked me to help her make some blue and white damask cards and she was telling me the other day she still has some because she uses them so sparingly.  Well, I had to fix that!!  So, I got busy! 
   Do you ever give notecards for gifts?  I love to make 3-4, tie them up with some natural raffia, and bring them wherever I go.  In Japan, one always needs a little something to gift.
   One of my favorite gifts I received there was from a local French-style restaurant where my husband took me for our anniversary dinner.  The wife/owner presented me with a darling little washi paper-covered toothpick holder with mirror.  I use it nearly every time I'm out in town, and I always smile when I think of her!

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