Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall: Forests and Hurricanes

   Here are two of a set of fall forest cards I made using a small leaf stamp as a stand-in for a tree. I liked how the Distress Inks gave a quick watercolor effect and it was relaxing to stamp a little scene. I did a yellow version of the one on the right and I am happy with how they all came out. 
   Still catching up on fall a little at a time--but getting ready for another potential replay of Octsnowber. We can hardly believe it may be heading for us again, and we are preparing to batten down the hatches for Sandy's arrival. Good luck eastern seaboard!

Monday, October 22, 2012

In a Golden Moment

   We were privileged to live in northern Japan for two years and one of the things that most impresses me still is the ability of the people there to enjoy and live in the moment. They embrace each season and highlight and concentrate on the beauty it brings knowing it will change even as they are watching it. 
   I have been enjoying golden moments in our beautiful fall; I believe I can actually see the colors concentrating in the leaves then fading before my eyes. It inspired me to get out my leaf skeleton stamps and try to capture something different with them. 
   I keep many of my scraps around my desk as I am working with different projects because I am often mesmerized by their negative/opposite space. I had an hourglass shape in mind to finish this card 
and I was going to use the cut-aways to make another negative-space card in a similar design. I changed my mind when inspired by some geometric things I've pinned lately, and  I like the results even better. 
   Hope you enjoy a golden moment of your own today.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Friends

   Just having a relaxing afternoon creating greetings for fall [now that I am ahead on my Christmas cards ;) ] and this one is for Moxie Fab World's Trigger Tuesday. Cath put up a fabulous victorian house print which reminds me of neighbors, and I wanted to make something special for my daughter to send her BFF who lives on the other side of the country. I love the color combination in Cath's inspiration and the geometry in it. It really makes a statement.
Moxie Fab World Trigger Tuesday

   More tomorrow from my creative afternoon. Time to put my feet up and savor one of the many pumpkin beers I've stocked for the season. of the only things that might be better than stamping is beer.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hallow There!

   Hey everyone! I hope you are having some kind of fall fun today! Since I last posted...and I realize I did mention it would be more often now...I've had the pleasure of watching my kids interview on a local radio program for their robotics; attend a Pumpkin Regatta; and visit our state's VA Hospital to meet some really wonderful people. It doesn't seem like that long ago yet weeks have flown by!
   I've had this little card waiting to be assembled on my desk since then. It's heading out in the mail today to bring a little "hallow" to my niece in her dorm room. I can hardly believe how time goes along and I don't feel any different inside.
   Hope you're having some fun passing the time yourselves!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Autumn View

   Hello Everyone! Just taking a little time out to watch the leaves. I'm pretty lucky to have such a view and I appreciate it every time I look out my window. Hope today finds you in good cheer and taking time to appreciate someone and/or something in your life! Make it a great day!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shine On

   Today's variation on my holiday card theme is entered in the Moxie Fab World Card Making Day extravaganza! Cath and PaperCrafts magazine are pulling out all the stops to create a fun venue to celebrate and share our paper passion! Enter your own creations and have a chance to win the fabulous random prize drawings in many categories!
   Don't be confused when you see the name on the alias for papercraft's website is McGyver. My "real" name was already taken years ago when I signed on, and I went with my alter ego. Any other fans out there? I fancy myself a paper crafting McGyver--often having to make do and be extra creative to replicate the latest trends with the few supplies I had on hand...especially when we were living in remote northern Japan. You can see what I mean by checking this post for some extra fun and a handy household tip!
Shine On red
Shine On green  

    I wish you a shining day wherever you are!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall to Holiday!

Hello everyone! So...figured I'd better get started on this year's Christmas cards now since I've been having issues staying current the past few months! And, Hero Arts Blog is hosting a terrific new challenge for the month involving holiday cards plus other themes. I highly recommend their site in case you've not seen it before! And do join the Hero Arts Flickr group for even more fun and friends all around the world. Here's my design for this year's family cards. I wanted to use my Zig Zag and More background for trees and other shapes which is what I had in mind when I bought it originally. Used my star punches and had fun with all my scraps, and finally the Typewriter Alphabet to make a variety of sentiments! Easy and fun to make!

Here's another one with washi tape...which do you prefer? I'd love it if you commented with your opinion, and I hope you're busy stamping your own life these days! 

Let the holidays begin...I think I'll be ready in time!

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