Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Warmth

   Hey everyone! Sorry to be awol for a bit...sometimes robotics just gets the best of everything around our house! Made this for Rani last Friday to try out a $1 stamp from Joanne's. Used my Blue Breeze Kaleidacolor, and my snowflake edge punch to finish the panel. It was indeed chilly, but something handmade always warms one up, doesn't it? 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Green Solutions: Cash in a Recycled Container

   Sometimes I get so tickled when I can be punny! I saw a pin a while ago to tape together greenbacks and put in a tissue box to dispense. Here's my take in a smaller package--a glue dots dispenser to be exact. Thought my college resident niece would have fun hanging this someplace and pull the dollar tab what she wants a buck for a vending machine or something. I wash-taped [with green tape of course] the bills together and put the roll inside the box and had a little fun decorating the panels to cover the packaging! 

   Will you put your own stamp on this idea too? I'd love to know if you do! Send me a link sometime with your results!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


   I am often inspired by nature in card making. Capturing this moonrise here on the east coast of the U.S. reminded me of so many I've watched while growing up 'out West' as we say here in America. Normally I don't do landscapes in my card crafting, but I was inspired by my memories of watching the moon come up over the mountains and these scraps I had on my desk which were the perfect elements to make it come together...right down to the glitter on the embossed circle cutout! 
   Composing collage scrap cards with bits has been an old tried and true lucky charm for me...but I had fun doing something new with it for this month's Hero Arts challenge. I really enjoyed how this came together! 
   Hope you're up to something that's lifting your spirits!

Friday, January 11, 2013

of Note!

   Happy New Year to everyone! I thought I'd begin 2013 with a little unfinished business from 2012...namely these "Notables" I made for my friends! For my Italian Swiss friend who loves all things coffee and who collects cappuccino sets...I thought she might enjoy some paper ones! Clear embossed this solid stamp cup design onto colored cardstock and the effect was perfectly porcelain! Tucked this little card set inside the pocket on the green notable [jr. legal pad cover] and wrapped it up! I can report happily that she loved it!
   Next is a pad/card set for my nautical friend who spends her summers sailing and who has sons sailing the seven seas. Another score--the white embossed starfish made quite the splash and she's interested to know how they are made...yup--I'm reeeeeeling her in to the stamping world! [and no, her name is not Sally!]
   More soon on how to make the notable and a template you can use to create your very own! It's a nice way to package a set of cards and we can always use a notepad around the house, the car, the office, the classroom.....

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